︎ A place from previous tales

is a collection of photo–notes from various journeys. In these times we live in, the question arises: are these photo–notes of illusions, or some utopian time of freedom and movement, or a possible future?

︎ I can’t even remember who won

is about a birthday celebration. It analyses the situational togetherness and camaraderie that can be interpreted as a kind of finished past tense; it’s an album of habits that have since become an arena of questions on boundaries, risk, freedom.

︎ While waiting for this to pass

is an upward view from the earth and memories, a view toward a segment of sky, calling for our exploration. The perceived flow of time can seem as a repetitive and continuous feeling of confinement and impaired movement.

︎ The things we didn’t use

is a return to the place and time we are confined to, the quarantine – a moment of reduced living conditions in which one searches for new meaning.